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    Due to the unprecedented crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the offices of Richard P. Johnsen, DMD,PA are closed and all appointments cancelled for an indefinite period of time. For obvious reasons, no appointments can be rescheduled at this point. Despite some officials talking about reevaluations at two or four weeks, it is abundantly clear that we must be thinking in terms of months, based upon the experience of other parts of the world.

                Of course I will be available for emergency situations to relieve patients in discomfort. As there is no staff, repairs of breakage will be deferred until some point in the future. As always, strict infection control will be observed and maintained. As well,we ask you to report to us for these emergencies, if any member of the household might be experiencing a respiratory illness of any sort.

                As mentioned in the telephone message, please do not leave a voicemail on the office telephone. Rather call me at home, if needed, at 908-832-2227. If you would prefer to contact me by email , please do so at drrpj.ortho@gmail.com
                In a relative sense it would seem that we are fortunate here in Hunterdon County where we are not experiencing a pronounced rise in incidence thus far.

                Stay alert and healthy.

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