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   Orthodontic treatment covers a wide range of approaches to addressing the concerns of patients. Fortunately for most people these concerns arise not from a visual expression of pathology, but rather from one level or another in the spectrum of morphologic variation.

                Accordingly, there are a variety of different treatment modalities. Decisions about the approach to a practical issue will then be contingent upon a variety of factors: namely,
·         How well does a particular trait or malformation lend itself to being modified?
·         What level of control is required to make a satisfactory modification of a condition?
·         How does a specific treatment modality balance with an individual’s concern?
·         To what length will an individual pursue treatment to address his or her concerns?


                There is no charge for the initial consultation with Dr. Johnsen. At the session, the assessment can be made as to the need for assembling clinical data. After that, alternatives can be proposed  for addressing a particular problem.

                Literally, no two people have identical issues, and therefore treatment must be highly individualized.

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