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-about Dr. Johnsen
   Dr. Johnsen is a graduate of Regis HS in Manhattan, The College of Holy Cross, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He also received his post doctoral education in orthodontics at the University of Pennsylvania.

                Dr. Johnsen has maintained his orthodontic practice in the Clinton and Oldwick areas for more than twenty five years, treating children, adolescents and adults. His Clinton practice is situated in Walnut Pond Professional Building, located on Route 31 Northbound at the traffic jug handle, opposite the Beaver Brook entrance.

                The Oldwick office is situated in a historic building in the center of the village of Oldwick.
                A former clinical instructor in orthodontics at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Johnsen is also a Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics.

                The stimulation of the university environment fosters a healthy sense of skepticism as one is engaged in the lifelong pursuit of knowledge. It is this intellectual skepticism which enables one to evaluate the constant flow of information and technical advances which flow from the work of university investigators. The result  is that patients benefit predictably as they pursue treatment.

                There is no charge for the initial examination and consultation. This is a good time to address the concerns and questions  you may have.

Richard P. Johnsen, D.M.D., PA
Walnut Pond Professional Building
PO Box 5314, Route 31, Clinton, NJ 08809
The Village of Oldwick
Main Street, Oldwick, NJ 08858